Sunrise Solicitors: UK Immigration Solicitors In London & Manchester

Greetings, and thank you for visiting my personal website and online portfolio. My name is Arshad Mahmood, and I specialise in the UK Immigration and Human Rights laws. I am a qualified solicitor of The Supreme Court of England and Wales and a Member of The Law Society of England and Wales. I was admitted as a Solicitor on 15th March 2005 and therefore have more than 13 years Post Qualification Experience (PQE). I am the owner and the Managing Director of Sunrise Solicitors Ltd. I am also the Training Principal for the purposes of providing training contracts to Trainee Solicitors at Sunrise Solicitors. Sunrise Solicitors have offices in London (Head Office) and Manchester (Branch Office).

I have been practising immigration and human rights law since 2003 and have gained vast knowledge and experience in my area of practice. I have worked for various law firm of high reputation and have acquired necessary experience and skills in the immigration field. As a result, I have taken bold steps in order to  set up my own Law Firm Sunrise Solicitors Ltd and I have started this practice from 31st July 2008. My business has been very successful. I believe that my specialisation in immigration and human rights laws combined with my IT and Management Skills have helped me to achieve a great success in my business.

I also provide tuition/training to immigration paralegals/trainee solicitors/solicitors, helping them in enhancing their legal skills in area of UK immigration and Human Rights laws. This helps them impove the knowledge of procedural and subtantive immigration law which resultantly enhances chances of finding appropriate job as immigration lawyers. 

I am very dedicated in providing immigration legal services to my clients and almost all my clients have my mobile number to contact me as a matter of urgency if they needed to. I always deal with my clients' immigration cases by putting myself in their position and by understanding the importance of each case from their point of view. I have very good skills of assessing prospects of success in an immigration cases as well as choosing the right options for a client in particular circumstances of his case. I believe in giving 100% honest opinion on merits of the case. As a result, if an application, immigration appeal or Judicial Review (JR) will not be able to succeed according to my professional experience, I will let my clients know about it.  and where an application, immigration appeal or Judicial Review cannot succeed, in my expert opinion, the same is conveyed to the client without any exaggeration about chances of success in the immigration case. I believe in providing a fast, friendly, honest, reliable, affordable and professional immigration service.