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Due to Coronavirus outbreak, our offices remain open as usual so that our clients’ interests are not jeopardised. However, in accordance with the latest guidance on social distancing, we no longer accept any face-to-face appointments at all of our offices and will continue to provide our services by using modern means of communication including online chat, telephone, post, email, skype etc.

The UKBA case resolution directorate (CRD) has now completed a review of the older asylum cases (known as 'legacy cases'). A small number of cases have been reviewed but are still awaiting a conclusion. Some examples of cases awaiting conclusion are:

  • cases awaiting prosecution;
  • cases awaiting removal (including a small number of cases that require further casework action before removal action can be progressed);
  • cases with ongoing litigation; and
  • cases that were placed in a controlled archive because the CRD could not trace the applicant.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Some cases were not included in the original CRD review because of the quality of data at the time when the asylum application was made.

Case Assurance And Audit Unit (CAAU)

The UKBA case assurance and audit unit (CAAU) will now consider any such cases. If the CRD was unable to contact an applicant, their case was probably placed in the controlled archive. If the UKBA now makes contact with that applicant, their case will be taken out of the controlled archive and the CAAU will consider it.

Why Sunrise Solicitors For Your Legacy Case?

The immigration solicitors at Sunrise Solicitors are experts in dealing with legacy cases. The quality of our service is self-evident from the reviews of our clients about the service provided by our immigration lawyers. You can contact us if you are seeking legal help from immigration lawyers in London in relation to your legacy case and our immigration solicitors will provide you fast, friendly, reliable and professional immigration service.

Our Fees For Application For Legacy Case

  • We will charge you a fee from £1,000.00 + VAT for our professional immigration services in relation to your legacy case. The agreed fee will depend on the complexity of the matter and the casework involved in the application.
  • Please be advised that VAT will not be applicable where our client does not have a valid leave to remain in the UK at the time of his/her instructions to us in relation to his/her application.
  • If you cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of instructing us in relation to your legacy case, you can pay half of the fee at the time of instructing us and the balance can be paid within a month from the date of initial instructions.
  • The agreed fee will cover all our work until decision by the Home Office , UKBA on the application. However, it is pertinent to note that the agreed fee will not cover any disbursements to be incurred by  us on your behalf e.g. translation of documents, Home Office fee etc.