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Until the Brexit takes effect and the UK no longer remains member of the EU, the UK at present continues to be member state of the and as such the nationals of other EU member states have right of free movement within the EU zone. The EU nationals and their family members have right to live and work in the UK as long the EU national is exercising treaty rights in the UK and is a qualified person as envisaged under the . The EU law will continue to be applicable to all EU nationals until Brexit from the EU becomes effective as a result of the Article 50 which has already been triggered by the UK Prime Minister.

The various applications which can be made to the by the EEA nationals and their family members are listed below:

Applications Under The EU Settlement Scheme

Following are the applications which can be made to the Home Office UKVI under the EU Settlement Scheme:

Settled Status Application
Pre Settled Status Application

Administrative Review (AR) Against The Refusal Of Settled Or Pre Settled Status Application

If your application for settled status or pre settled status under the EU settlement scheme is refused by the Home Office, UKVI, you can challenge the refusal by way of Administrative (AR):

Administrative Review Against Refusal Of Settled Or Pre Settled Status Application

Applications By Family Members Of An EEA National Under EEA Regulations 2016

Family Permit As Family Member Of EU National
Residence Card As Family Member Of An EEA National
Retaining Right of Residence
Derivative Residence Card
Extended Family Members Residence Card
Permanent Residence Card Application

One Off Immigration Services EEA Nationals & Their Family Members

Detailed Immigration Advice For An EEA Application
Documents Checking Service For An EEA Application

Refusal Of An EEA Application Under The EEA Regulations 2016? We Can Help

EEA Family Permit Entry Clearance Appeal
Appeal Against Refusal Of Retained Right Of Residence Application