Our aim at Sunrise Solicitors is to prevent costly disputes by opting to issue court proceedings as a last resort.

We will refer you to mediation and see whether or not you and your partner can come to an agreement that will be suitable for you both and mainly in the best interests of your child. Mediation is an informal problem solving process without the need of a legal proceeding. We appreciate that relationships break down and therefore our aim is to resolve the matter as efficiently and successfully as possible.

It gives both parties an opportunity to discuss any disagreements and to come up with an idea/agreement to fix these misunderstandings.

In mediation the control is with the parties for the agreement to be finalized. The mediators are only there as adjudicators between the parties as they are a neutral third party.

Everything that is discussed within the meeting is strictly confidential and the option for mediation is voluntary and all parties must agree to opt for mediation.

There are so many benefits as to why parties should opt for mediation.

  • Usually brief
  • Discuss issues without argument or conflict
  • Cost effective/avoid lengthy negotiations or hearings
  • Helps parties resolve any misunderstandings
  • Even if you do not reach a full agreement, success is the outcome as you may have resolved some issues.
  • Listen to each other’s points/disputes and try to resolve or come to an agreement with each other

Our Family Team at Sunrise Solicitors will assist you on the process of mediation and what you should expect and what your responsibilities are. We will also provide you with Mediation Contact Services and discuss any expenses that will arise.