If your marriage breaks down but both parties do not wish to file for a divorce or can not do so immediately it is advisable to agree terms on which you will separate.

All matters arising from a separation should be negotiated between parties. Full and complete disclosure of finances should be made by both parties.


Our Family team at Sunrise Solicitors will discuss the problems which have caused your marriage break down so we can establish and ensure that reasonable negotiations are taking place. A formal separation can be drafted as a Separation Agreement which is a formal deed signed by both parties and contains all the detailed arrangements agreed by both parties.

How long is Separation Agreement effective?

This agreement is declared as agreed terms by both parties pending a divorce and will be issued at Court so it can be finalized and legalized as a Consent Order.

If you reconcile what happens?

If you resolve your issues and decide to reconcile after the separation agreement has been put into place then the agreement will come to an end.

Deeds of Separations are private agreements made between parties and do not involve the Court but are generally recognized by it in subsequent proceedings. They also substantially reduce the possibility of challenge and conflict at a later date. If you and your spouse reconcile then the separation agreement will be void.