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The purpose of the Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) route is to allow a non-EEA adult dependent relative of a British citizen in the UK, a person settled in the UK, or a person in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection, to settle in the UK if he/she can demonstrate that, as a result of age, illness or disability, he/she requires a level of long-term personal care that can only be provided in the UK by his/her relative in the UK and without recourse to public funds.

Our Services For Adult Dependent Relative Visa

The Immigration Solicitors at Sunrise Solicitors have vast knowledge and experience of dealing with adult dependent relative (ADR) visa applications. We can provide various services in relation to adult dependent relative visa category.

Applications By Adult Dependent Relative (ADR)

Following are the various applications for adult dependent relative for which we can provide the required legal help and assistance as your legal represenatives:

Entry Clearance For Indefinite Leave To Enter (ILE) As Adult Dependent Relative (ADR)
ILR As Adult Dependent Relative
In-Country Human Rights Application By Elderly Dependent Parents Or Relatives

Refused Adult Dependent Relative Visa? We Can Help With Challenging Refusal Or Re-Applying

If your application for adult dependent relative visa has been refused by the Home Office, UKVI, our expert immigration solicitors can provide the required legal help and assistance in challenging the refusal of your application or alternatively help you with re-applying after the refusal. We can provide following services in order to challenge the refusal of your applications under adult dependent relative visa route:

Entry Clearance Appeal Against Refusal Of Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Visa
Appeal Against Refusal Of Discretionary Leave Application
Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) For Judicial Review (JR) Against Decision Of The UKVI To Certify THe Human Rights Claim As Manifestly Unfounded
Judicial Review (JR) In The Upper Tribunal (UT) Againt Decision Of The UKVI To Certify The Human Rights Claim As Manifestly Unfounded